With the largest brain of any animal today, the Sperm Whale is under protection and many researchers are curious to research the massive mammal. Being the only teethed whale, ocean explorers have been looking into learning the habits of the whale in order to protect it. The are looking to learn its patterns and swimming/breeding grounds in order to have the Sperm Whales breed. Fortunately for researchers, many of the Sperm Whales which are remaining many are tagged for research purposes.

Recently, off the Gulf of Mexico approximately 2,000 feet below sea level, the ROV, Hercules  ran into a massive Sperm Whale, which is rare in these parts of the water.

These whales are expected to go extinct in the next ten years or so. If more strict hunting laws were set in place, this number could shoot higher and give the Sperm Whale population a chance for recover.

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