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Sperm Whales: Protection

With the largest brain of any animal today, the Sperm Whale is under protection and many researchers are curious to research the massive mammal. Being the only teethed whale, ocean explorers have been looking into learning the habits of the whale in order to protect it. The are looking to learn its patterns and swimming/breeding grounds in order to have the Sperm Whales breed. Fortunately for researchers, many of the Sperm Whales which are remaining many are tagged for research purposes.

Recently, off the Gulf of Mexico approximately 2,000 feet below sea level, the ROV, Hercules  ran into a massive Sperm Whale, which is rare in these parts of the water.

These whales are expected to go extinct in the next ten years or so. If more strict hunting laws were set in place, this number could shoot higher and give the Sperm Whale population a chance for recover.

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Arctic Exploration Helping Communities

Arctic communities around the world have seen unscrupulous changes over the past century or so. With the emergence of oil, and natural resources in these communities, the economy and way of life in such towns have drastically improved. In particular a focus has been on Hammerfest, Norway which is the most northern city on Earth. Many natives here are seeing changes yeah in, year out. The city of Hammerfest which has a rich history over their 225 years of existence are grateful for the changes that came to their lives due to arctic exploration.

One Hammerfest native who had left and returned to the city in 2012 spoke about his experiences coming back to Hammerfest, “Having left and then returned, I have been able to watch the development of Hammerfest over a number of years, from a busy commercial town to stagnation as a result of the downturn in the fishing industry. The oil and gas activity has certainly helped Hammerfest by fueling such significant new developments, which have helped both modernize and transform the town.” The fishing and oil/gas industry has been providing new opportunities and jobs for the whole town. The thriving city is seeing renovations which have not been available due to funds in the past. It is noted in the Forbes article that over 1,000 jobs have been created over the past few years due to the surplus of fishing, oil, and gas created in Hammerfest. Mayer of Hammerfest explained that prior to the boom in economy, the town itself was suffering with run down schools, streets, buildings, but ever since the arctic exploration started to climb, they were able to renovate schools, streets, buildings, libraries as well as build new buildings around the city.

The town itself also has a growing population due to the job growth. It is also seeing a growth with individuals from ages 20-40 which is fantastic according to the locals since the youth is bringing life into a once dissipated town. This trend is expected to continuously grow since the gas and oil industries are expected to keep rising. The local towns folk are loving the idea of turning a once small town into a booming small city which is a top the Earth.


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