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Shark Week, Coming Soon!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, millions of Americans will be flocking to the beaches to catch some rays and dip their toes in the water. Many will venture into the ocean and swim with the creatures from the deep. The first animal that comes to mind when ocean animal is brought up is the shark. Although the odds of encountering a shark are slim to none, The Discovery Channel is doing their part to get everyone excited while visiting the beach. The channel will be having their most popular week of television starting July 5th.

With an array of shows to be aired, there is something for everyone in the family. One aspect of Shark Week which is seemingly gaining popularity year after year is specials on how sharks are adapting and living in natural and changing environments. What many people tend to forget is that humans enter their homes, the ocean and are dumbfounded when sharks either attack or take interests in humans.

Shark Week will be airing more educational specials on sharks than they did in previous years to raise awareness and help the public understand what goes into the massive sharks minds when they do attack, and what provokes them. Learning what gets these animals provokes can help decrease the already low number of attacks on humans. With a full set of shows and specials set to air, the Discovery Channel is expected the highest rate of viewers this year. To see the full schedule of events, visit Discovery Channel’s website.

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NOAA Explores The Oceans Depth

Researchers and exploration enthusiasts are both very excited for the upcoming dives by the NOAA. A group of scientists will be boarding the Okeanos Explorer and head out to the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans and dive up to 3.7 miles to understand and observe the depths. The unmanned vessel ROV is expected to dive deep to explore the unknown which will be available for live stream as it dives into the abyss.

The reason for the dive according to the Office of Ocean Exploration and Research is, “In order to understand and sustainably manage the ocean’s resources, we first have to survey what resources exist.” Many are particularly excited for this dive since the success of ROV’s previous dives in the troughs of Puerto Rico and the fact no live stream has ever recorded so deep in the Atlantic and Caribbean. A dumbo octopus displays a body posture never before observed in cirrate octopods. Unprecedented sights like this are one of the reasons dozens of scientists (and hundreds of thousands of members of the public) follow live video from the seafloor during each Okeanos Explorer expedition. Image courtesy of the NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. ( Even the members of the NOAA are excited to see what is in store for the dive since they truly cannot determine what they will be encountering. They do know about the area they are diving and the habits, they understand this is an area with high seismic hazards which include earthquakes and tsunamis. Also the amount of coral and deepwater geological mud volcanoes are active in the region.

In past dives, the team has come across strange creators including a dumbo octopus displaying postures and notions which most dumbo octopus rarely exhibit.The live stream is expected to begin the morning of April 9, 2015 EST. To tune in you can head over to

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