Month: March 2014

UNH Understand Ocean Interconnections With New Program

UNH Marine Science

It takes a certain kind of abstract understanding to realize that in the ocean, everything is connected. From water columns and currents to geological formations to even marine life itself, the ocean is seemingly one large interconnected ecosystem. This idea of aggregate relation within the sea is found at the core of the curriculum at the University of New Hampshire new School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering. At the school, graduate students are granted the opportunity to explore modern challenges ranging from oil spill mitigation to rising sea levels to the decline in fishing stocks. As oceanographer and director of the new program Larry Mayer stated, “The ocean is a multidisciplinary space, so the way we study it must be as well.” Read more →

The Future of Federal Aid to Navigation

On February 4th a subcommittee for the U.S. House of Representatives met to discuss federal aid for use towards navigation programs.  As the U.S. economy continues to grow, navigation activities by the U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers and other related departments become more intricate and important for U.S. security. Read more →