Researchers Find What Caused the Quaternary Ice Age

Researchers analysed deposits of wind-blown dust in northern China to reconstruct monsoon and temperature patterns.

A study conducted by Dr. Thomas Stevens and his team from the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, shows that a change in the level of salt in the Pacific Ocean could have been the root of the cause behind the Quaternary ice age that took place over two and a half million years ago.  The findings of the experiment were published in the journal Nature’s Scientific Reports and have recently been summarized for an article completed by Science Daily. Continue Reading

Greenland Glaciers Are Melting

Since exploration and experimentation began in the 1970s, radar has been used consistently to attempt to measure the topography of Greenland’s terrain.  In 2009, NASA created a new operation—IceBridge flights, which has provided a better picture than the previously relied upon radar; in the last five years, measurements of Greenland’s topography have tripled, under this new system. Continue Reading